We have no external representatives/partners/agents. We have fixed prices. Beware of fake agents.
Fraud workflow automation features
Advanced data visualizations
Automatic linking of related users
Social network profiles
Access to Score API and Webhooks
Flexible queue management
Process orders with a valid AVS response.
Obtain evidence of receipt of goods i.e. signed shipping receipt.
Use verified Visa®” or MasterCard’s “SecureCode” to prove card ownership.
CVV2 (Visa), CVC2 (MC), and CID (AX).
Process refunds as quickly as possible.
Record billing descriptor and phone number.
Clearly mention the terms and conditions of the sale.
Send order confirmation mail to the customer. Notify them that a sale will be charged.
Obtain written or electronic signatures from cardholders giving you permission to charge their cards on a regular basis for monthly fees or recurring payments.
Make it easy for members or subscribers to cancel with a “no-questions asked” policy.
Receive positive authorizations.
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