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Results you can count on
Every day, businesses worldwide rely on Crisp Infocare to eliminate fraud, slash costs, and grow revenue. Our cloud-based machine learning is powered by 5,000+ unique fraud signals and a network of 1,500+ websites (and growing).
The Crisp Infocare Way
Predict fraud accurately with machine learning
Automate fraud decisions with confidence
Streamline fraud review with data visualizations and case management
Predict customer intent with machine learning
Know immediately whether a user wants to buy or steal from you.
Crisp Infocare machine learning models update in real time – not days, weeks, or months. Anything longer than "instantly" doesn’t cut it.
40M events ingested, 7M risk scores calculated, 70K labels created every 24 hours for over 2K domains. All in a day's work.
Take our global network, mix in your own custom model, custom events, and a dash of human intelligence. The result? Try 6.5x more accurate results.
Automate fraud decisions – and optimize the customer experience
Based on intel about a user's intent, you can block them, verify them, or streamline their experience.
Automate critical business actions based on insights derived from our real-time machine learning platform. Faster, more efficient fraud process? Done and done.
Actionable APIs
Integrate our REST APIs to customize your users' experience directly in your app based on risk score. Keep out the bad guys and reward your good customers.
Device Fingerprinting
Leverage our Device Fingerprinting API in your application to prevent people using suspicious devices from accessing your site. Send those professional fraudsters packing.
Sift Score
We'll automatically post an HTTP request to an endpoint of your choice the moment certain conditions are met. What your endpoint does is up to you. We can also send you an email (but that seems so 2010).
Visualize patterns and connections
If it can't be automated it can be visualized – so you can make the best decision. Whether you're finding hidden connections between users or digging into fraud signals, Crisp Infocare's beautifully designed web console streamlines fraud review for even the toughest of cases.
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